Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More pics...

My new recliner...

New bedding...

Momma J and I went to visit the Ellington's! 

We went and got matching manis!! 

Momma's way of spoiling me. Breakfast and coffee and on the patio :) 

Aaand she bought and planted me flowers...I'm a lucky lil girl!! 

Pics since surgery #2

Momma Joyce and I busted outta the hospital...7/ me when I say I looked better than I felt... 

Watching fireworks from our hotel room. I was very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. But happy to see em; fireworks are the best! 

Back in TN. Sweet Teas in hand on 7/5

Happy to reunited with my girls!! Lunch date at Gourmet Market had to occur! 

'Twas followed by a dinner date with these lovelies at Copper Cellar! 

1 month and 26 days Post Op-Surg #2

And the ball keeps rolling...soo grateful for all of the days where I feel good and don't have any incidences! God is Good!! :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Post Op Day 33-Surg #2

Dropping Momma Joyce off at the airport in the sad to see her go BUT I will see her again in a few months!  Ready to start back to work this week-I'm going to start back with 2 nights in a row for sure, and maybe do a 3rd depending on how I feel.  My job is amazing and allowing me to do 60 hrs every 2 wks instead of my regular 72.  Hopefully this allows me to get more rest and to fully recover prior to my final surgery in late October!  I had a great last weekend with my momma-she is truly one of my best friends and we always manage to make things fun despite life's trials and tribulations.  Oh and I should give a little disclaimer here, I went to church this morning so this blog gets a little bit religious (and I get choked up at times)...but my feelings toward organized religion are something I've struggled with for quite some time now.  I truly hope that no one finds my words offensive because that was never my intention at all. Everyone has their own way of expressing their faith and I hope we all can respect that. That being said, I believe in the power of prayer and I want to thank you all once again for keeping me in yours!  *Much love*