Monday, June 30, 2014

Pre-Op Day for Surg #2

Ahhhh!! So I'm getting ready to go to bed...wake up call is 3:30. I've got to shower with this special soap in the AM and then head over to the hospital around 4:40.  Admission time is 0500, which is super early for this night shift gal!! I just want to send a very special thank you to my mom, Bill, my Dad and Theresa for being here in Cleveland for me during this crazy ordeal.  I'm not always the easiest patient and they put up with a lot!  And although I appreciate the prayers from each and everyone of you, I think you should also say one for them-as well as the surgeons and nurses that I will encounter these next few days. I know that I am being carefully watched over by my sweet Davery, Grandma and Grandpa Roberts.  I wish they were here with me, but I know they will guide healing hands over me during the surgery and my recovery too. I'm a very lucky lady to have soooo many people that rooting for me and I'm humbled by all of the outpouring of support and well wishes!  I love y'all! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heading up to Cleveland in the AM!!

I can't believe it's already time for surgery number 2!  Trying really hard not to let nerves, anxiety and terror take over me right now.  I'm oh so lucky to have my momma here by my side...along with many other incredibly sweet and supportive friends/family!  One of my favorite quotes is 'You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.' I feel like that pretty much sums it up right now...I'm choosing short term misery for a lifetime of health. I WANT my life back.  I WILL GET my life back.  End of story.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This month has been a blurrrr...

Well the months of May/June have seemed to sort of fly on bye.  I can't say this is a bad thing...and there were definitely days that I was down in the dumps regarding my situation.  But all in all, life has seemed to go on somewhat normally, if you can call life with an ostomy normal...but beauty is all in the eye of the beholder...and I have to remind myself to be grateful for each and every day that the good Lord allows me to open my eyes in the morning.  Some of us aren't quite so lucky.  So that's that for today...I'll do more blogs as D Day gets nearer...and my anxiety mounts!  Thanks again for all the prayers and positive vibes!! XO

Thursday, June 5, 2014

From the past week...

Met my buddy and coworker Rob's and his wife Rachael's 3rd son! Mason Beckett! He was such a sweet lil pea!! Love those cheeks and double chin! 

Caramel Latte from one of my new go-to's!! Cosmos Cafe 😀

Hung out with this handsome dude today!! Evan is 4 years old and I took care of him as a preemie in the NICU back in Columbia, MO! He's a rockstar!!!

Life goes on...and happily so!

Went to Bill's kickoff party for kickball! Enjoyed a nice gluten free cider! Gluten has inflammatory properties and I'm not drinking any beer in fear of my joints going nutso again. This kid is incredibly supportive of my surgeries and he sweetly helps me stay on track with my diet! I'm pretty lucky that he's such a caring individual and that he's willing to put up with all the craziness that this disease throws at me on a daily basis. Very lucky actually 😄

Dinner date night at Schuck Raw Bar! 

Chillin with his pup, Parker and my Mr Bear Bear!! They're becoming the bestest of friends ! 

More daily, lifetime photos...

Another girls night with Jaye and Michelle! The rain never dampers our spirits!!

Spent another night with the Ellington's and the triplet beauties. 

I could cuddle these girls every day! 

Jay bought me a hat and promised to take me fishing prior to surgery #2!! He better follow through 😆

A Lil Missouri Romance

All dolled up for Alison and Brian's wedding!! This girl danced the night away!! 

I cheated that day and ate quite a bit o' cheese!! Soo yummy tho! And I alternated a glass of wine and a glass of water all night! (At an open bar no less!!) this second surgery means the world to me!! But I did have to give in to the cheddar 😊

They looked amazing! And oh so happy! So glad to be a part of their story!!! 

Can't wait til this lil beauty and her hubby come visit me in TN ! 

And a few more...

Michelle and I grilled up some steak kabobs one evening. She even grilled a couple pizzas! 

Sweet Cathy at work bought this shirt for nurses week because she thought the brunette girl looked like me! Big eyes...sometimes curly hair...I just love that silly Cath! 

Became really good friends with the Ellington family and their 3 beautiful girls that I took care of in the Nicu! This was at their dad's birthday dinner.

Did a little pampering with the girls one afternoon...Michelle, Jaye, Marcie and her daughter all got manis and pedis before Mexican/Margaritas!! Such a fun day! 

And here's a few more...

I took this little gem right before my first dinner date with Bill! Proved that even girls with ostomies can still go out on dates! He had no clue about my bag til I told him a week or so later. And here's the cool part...he still stuck around 😄

Went to St Louis for Ms Alison's Bachelorette party! She truly is one of the prettiest people I know, inside and out! 

This is Ms Brit!! She's pretty much awesome because she spent all night with me in the ER trying to figure out what had caused that horrible abdominal pain I was having!! I seriously can't thank her enough! And like she said, us nurses stick together 😊

This was the last photo of that night! I was having soo much fun! Marla and I were chit chatting and totally got photobombed...this was about 5-10 min before that horrific pain knocked on my booty. 

Been meaning to upload a few here's a mini montage

Michelle and I tried out a bar called Drink. One of my new favorite places...there's wine dispensers so you can try as many as you'd like, small pours of course 😄

Trevor's visit and the grill he bought and put together for me!! There is proof that he loves me a lil bit! Haha

Our Easter Day hike to Abrams Falls! 

His flight got cancelled & I had to return to work! But we had a blast together and it makes me truly wish we lived closer!