Thursday, June 5, 2014

And here's a few more...

I took this little gem right before my first dinner date with Bill! Proved that even girls with ostomies can still go out on dates! He had no clue about my bag til I told him a week or so later. And here's the cool part...he still stuck around 😄

Went to St Louis for Ms Alison's Bachelorette party! She truly is one of the prettiest people I know, inside and out! 

This is Ms Brit!! She's pretty much awesome because she spent all night with me in the ER trying to figure out what had caused that horrible abdominal pain I was having!! I seriously can't thank her enough! And like she said, us nurses stick together 😊

This was the last photo of that night! I was having soo much fun! Marla and I were chit chatting and totally got photobombed...this was about 5-10 min before that horrific pain knocked on my booty. 

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