Monday, June 30, 2014

Pre-Op Day for Surg #2

Ahhhh!! So I'm getting ready to go to bed...wake up call is 3:30. I've got to shower with this special soap in the AM and then head over to the hospital around 4:40.  Admission time is 0500, which is super early for this night shift gal!! I just want to send a very special thank you to my mom, Bill, my Dad and Theresa for being here in Cleveland for me during this crazy ordeal.  I'm not always the easiest patient and they put up with a lot!  And although I appreciate the prayers from each and everyone of you, I think you should also say one for them-as well as the surgeons and nurses that I will encounter these next few days. I know that I am being carefully watched over by my sweet Davery, Grandma and Grandpa Roberts.  I wish they were here with me, but I know they will guide healing hands over me during the surgery and my recovery too. I'm a very lucky lady to have soooo many people that rooting for me and I'm humbled by all of the outpouring of support and well wishes!  I love y'all! 

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