Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Post Op Day 42; Back to the Grind

So even on a good day, little 2 lb or 5 lb babies can kick your butt up and down the unit.  Needless to say, I felt like that about 3 hrs into my shift!  Hopefully with a little more time, I'll get back into my groove and can bust through a 12 hr shift like it's nothing...we shall see!  But regardless, it was great being back at work.  When things weren't going well as a travel nurse and when I thought I wanted to give up/move back home, I'd call my mom and she'd tell me, 'Tanna, you can do anything for 12 hrs, and it's only 3 months."  Well now it's four months and I know my body will be able to handle more and more as I go...but I still tell myself that when I'm having a rough night...I can do anything for 12 hrs.  She's such a wise woman, that Momma Joyce is :)

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