Friday, January 24, 2014

Post Op Day 3: Discharge Day

Lots of exciting things happened today!  The surgical team released me from their services and said I was ok'd to be discharged as long as I was comfortable/able to change my ileostomy pouch on my own.  I said, 'let's do it!'  It's an emotional experience, and you see your body in a totally different way after this kind of surgery (especially being a young female) but all in all, it will get easier with time.  And it helps to keep reminding myself, that this is only TEMPORARY.  One 'shitty' year is an easy trade for another healthy 60 or so years after that.  I've got my eye on the prize…and that prize will be when I'm all reconnected here in 9 months!   Thanks again for all the continued love and support!

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  1. You are such a brave young woman to share your journey with inspiration for others who are suffering from this dreaded disease. Take care of yourself, do what the doctors said, ask for help, it's hard for us nurses to do that!! prayers for you