Sunday, February 2, 2014

Grateful, oh so grateful

Got to attend a church service this morning with my momma. I've been feeling so unbelievably grateful for each and every one of you that have reached out to me since I began this journey to getting healthy in 2014! All of the prayers, cards, and well wishes have truly humbled me and have brought me to tears more times that I can count. I feel incredibly lucky to have such a phenomenal support group. I've got God, my amazing guardian angels (which include my Davery and Grandma/Grandpa Roberts, all of whom passed away last year), a fantastic family network and some of THE best friends, that span across the U.S., that a girl could ask for! So today at church was a day of thankfulness. And prayer for all of those that have kept me in theirs these past few weeks. I'm not sure what I did to deserve so much kindness and caring from y'all...but my heart is very full and for that, I thank you. Truly. XOXO

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